Friday, July 23, 2010


I ran 2.1 miles today.....STRAIGHT!!!! Not one break for walking or water. A huge personal victory and I couldn't be more proud. The T.V. on my treadmill was broke today so I had to rely on my Iphone music. I just kept focusing on the miles instead of the time for once, and before I knew it----2 miles had been accomplished and I had the strongest feelings of elation!!!!!!!! Even more so, because this week has been challenging with my energy levels. Monday= strong run, Tuesday= hardly any energy but managed to walk/run, Wednesday= no running, just walking due to no energy and a stomach ache (Wednesday is suppose to be rest day, but since Tuesday wasn't a great workout, I wanted to push myself) Thursday= strong run with the 12minute running intervals with 1 minute walking and FRIDAY= 2miles running!!!

What a way to start the weekend! Scott and I are headed to Rhode Island and I will be attempting my first run outside. I'm a little nervous and excited! A lot of my running friends & a few running articles, say that taking the run outside is a completely different type of stamina and really stress not getting frustrated with the early fatigue because you are using different muscles and there is more impact on your joints running outside......I will keep you posted on my outside running adventure!I have to make the transition outside at some point (Since the 5K is outside-after all!!!) Have an amazing weekend and take care-


  1. So proud of you friend!!! Can't wait to do our first half marathon together in the future.....

  2. Way to go. We are so proud of you and can't wait till we hear how this week-end goes. Just take your time and you will not have any problems at all running outside just enjoy the beautiful world that you will be running in. Love, mom

  3. Nice work Anna! Keep it up some for me- I tried to get back into it since I am in second Trimester now and I hated it...but still going to continue with it....soon enough these babies are going to take over me! Way to keep up the PMA- Positive mental attitude! Love you babe