Friday, July 2, 2010

Today is The Day!!

Well, I've NEVER considered myself a runner.........NEVER!! I have always enjoyed working out through dance, step classes, spinning, zumba....anything but running. Last summer, with the help of a bottle of wine and a dear friend, I developed my "bucket List". Yesterday, I took the step to mark off #3---Completing a 5K. I have signed up, developed a running plan and completed Day 1. The 5K is on Sept. 26th (check out Tunnel to Towers run- to read the whole story). The story of this firefighters dedication & devotion to risk his life, not only as his profession but on Sept. 11, is one that brings tears to your eyes & a very worthy cause to start running!!

My running plan is a combination of walking for 4 minutes and running for 3 minutes alternating back and forth, for 1 week (yesterday I did this rotation for 5 miles). Every week after, I will add more minutes to running and less minutes to walking until I can consistently run the total 3.1 miles+. With day 1 out of the way, I must say it wasn't too bad. I found that I really need to develop an awesome Itunes play list. So to all my running friends, if you have any runners play list please send my way!!! I welcome any advise and words of encouragement also!! I'm really looking forward to this journey & self discovery to becoming a true runner. My hope is to make this a life long habit and change my mindset about running......So here goes nothing...Have a safe 4th of July weekend and thanks for coming along on this journey!!!!

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  1. I promise that you'll get the running bug once you finish that first race! Next up... 10k :) Happy Running!!