Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Breathe......

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It's sounds like such an easy thing to do.....And no one ever taught us how to, its just human instinct to do it. But, I really have to focus on breathing correctly and consistently while running. On Friday I hit the gym before meeting some friends for drinks. The run was great but I noticed that on the second interval, my breathing pattern was way off. I had to regroup and focus on long deep breaths in and long exhalations out. After, about 10 seconds of this focus I was able to get the pattern back and finish the run strong.

On Saturday, I hit my favorite class, step! We had a sub and this instructor is "NO" joke. She did a combination of step intervals and cardio kick boxing and my legs were extremely sore--but man, it was an amazing workout. After finishing the class I jumped on the spinning bike for 15 minutes to burn a few extra calories.

On Sunday before my head was even off the pillow, all I could feel was the pain in my legs from Step class the day before. I didn't let the soreness keep me from running and I hit the treadmill for 4 miles. Again, I found myself really needing to focus on the breathing. After reflecting, its so easy to forget to breathe.....but you must keep a nice steady pace of breathing and you do need to be claim while running. The body does and can go into a little panic if your not breathing properly. Another lesson that parallels with must keep a balanced and healthy pattern to keep claim and focus on the important stuff and through out the ruff patches and down must BREATHE!!!!!

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