Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 1 of Week 3!!!!!!

I did it!!!!!!! Yup I successful ran for 11 minutes and 1 minute of walking in between for 3.8 miles. I truly felt the progression of this journey today. As I finished the first running interval; I just couldn't believe that in 3 short weeks I'm so close to running multiple miles.....I didn't think it would happen this fast and I'm thrilled to be accomplishing something that I detested for so long. I'm continuing to jump on the spinning bike for at least 15 minutes after each running session. I also feel that giving myself a rest day before I add more running time, is helping (So to catch you up-Tuesday I ran in the morning & Wednesday was my rest day).
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Today, while cooling down, I got to thinking.....Where did my hatred for running start?? Why does it feel so impossible and such a daunting task....And why do some many people HATE running.....The word alone makes people cringe??? I came to the conclusion that from a very early age, it become very clear that I "WASN'T" good at it! I "DIDN'T" win races on the playground, in P.E. I "COULDN'T" run the fastest mile and was always finishing "last" when it came to running. After, discovering that I wasn't good at, I never really committed to learning the art of mastering it. Of course, I played sports and would do it out of necessity but never giving it the time, respect and determination to truly control or have ownership over "my" ability to run. Maybe its the many years of this protest and hatred or my willingness and openness to learn how to run now- and it is so rewarding to be reconnecting and rebuilding my relationship with running.....Now, I'm replacing the negative words to positive words and maybe most importantly--I'm going to finish (whether first or last, I will cross that finish line)! It's time to make dinner and enjoy the evening- Happy Friday!!!!!!!


  1. Well little lady,look at what you can accomplish. Isn't it great to get older and realize these things. If we would of told you those things when you were younger you would look at us like we where crazy, remember when I use to tell you that you were in the university, guess what? You just passed one of your classes. LOL

    You keep up the good job and that 5K will be a breeze for you, and I am sure you will not finish last. Love ya, Mom

  2. Good for you Anna...keep this positive attitude and you will be on your way in no time...proud of you babe! Love you! Mol