Saturday, September 25, 2010

One day until the run!!

WOW, all my hard work is gonna pay off tomorrow morning at 9:30 am- I can't believe it!!! I feel like I have been so focused on this day & it came so fast! I feel ready and very prepared. I felt I was starting to freak myself out about finishing the run, until last weekend while visiting Scott's parents in Rhode Island I ran over 3.1 miles like it was nothing......I just kept going and going until I was over 4 miles.....!! It was a huge confidence builder and I was extremely proud of myself. This week I ran 3 times (Mon, Wed, Fri- all 2 miles each & 15 minutes on the bike each day) and hit the gym this morning for a light walk of 2 miles. After returning home, I received a HUGE flower bouquet from my parents. It was extremely thoughtful and sooooo unexpected!!! And it wasn't until I read the message "Congratulations on succeeding with one of your dreams" that I realized two things. 1) My parents have ALWAYS supported me in my dreams, whatever they have been (like opening up my ice cream shop-LOL) but no matter how small or big, silly or unattainable....they have always continued to show their support and love and I'm soooo grateful for that. Its through their support that I've learned some of the most valuable lessons of my life and has shaped my go getter attitude & passion for life. 2) That to have dreams and attaining them is rewarding to the soul and should be something every person strives for yearly- at least!! Running has taught me that hard work and dedication bleed into all areas of your life, when you allow it too. Its this openness that has lead me to change my mind set about the unattainable(or what I think is unattainable), understanding that I can push myself to the limits and understanding the importance of finishing something I've started.

I've learned all of those things and so much more in 3 short months and from something as simple as running. Running is definitely something that I will keep up! I'm committed to this and my next step is a 10K in NOV. I'm also committed to the energy, weight loss, confidence and inner strenght that I've found!! The other crazy thing is, I held this key that unlocked ALL those things/feelings for 27 years..... It was "me" that had to decided how to unlock it!!! I'm so blessed that I figured it out!!!! It only took me 27 years....but thats a whole other lession (Like NEVER stop learning and growing)!!!!!

HERE GOES NOTHING>>>>>>>I'll update after the run! Have a great weekend and thanks for all the support!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

WOW....It's been awhile----again!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe that my run is 2 weeks away.....Well, I cannot!!! The more I think about it, the more nervous I get. I guess its like anything new.......But I just don't know what to expect! I'm still running more than ever and still madly in love with it. I promise to take tons of pictures at the finish line and if everything goes well at the 5K, I'm going to sign up for another 5k in October and then a 10K in Nov---But let's not get to far ahead- My focus is on Sept 26.

While I was in Vail, CO I managed to workout and even run 2 days. I see why Olympians train in high altitudes climates....It's CRAZY the difference between my energy levels and endurance there. My legs felt like jello and I was out of breathe in NO TIME...So the first day I could only run a mile and then I walked an additional 2. The next day, I was able to run about 2 miles and then walked an additional 3. The atmosphere was breath taking and I just loved how active everyone was in Co- There where tons of people and families biking, hiking, running-- Everywhere you looked people were out and about- I loved our time in Vail- It was a great vacation. Then we headed to KC----Which was equally as great!!!! Family, Friends and Food----what else could you ask for----Oh running....I did workout 3 times while I was there just 2 miles here and there- But the food and family time were my focus.

Coming back from vacation is always hard- but I was able to keep on a strict schedule of running and diet last week---And trust me, I needed it after vacation!! But things are going great and I'm just focused on the next 2 weeks of strong running to prepare for the run!! Hope everyone is doing GREAT- love ya!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WOW- its been awhile!!

Hello there and so sorry for being MIA! I have been busy!!! While I was in the city for work- I only had time for 1 amazing run up Central Park West last Saturday- There was a bike race going on in Central Park and I got to watch the whole thing while getting my 35 minute run in. The rest of my time in the city was consumed by working 11- 10 hour days, Chocolate Chip cookies (that I relayed on for energy---but WOW there is something about a deelish cookie that gets me every time!!) and resting my feet in the evening. I had a terrific time but wish I had more energy for running. But I came back to Westchester on Thursday and went straight to the gym for a much needed run (ran Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday-----All 3+ miles straight). I'm feeling terrific and soooooo on top of my running and goal of completing my first 5K........Can you believe its soooooooooo close!!!! It seems so hard to believe that I have come so far and truly feel like a runner. I have noticed over the length of my training, that running has really helped me find the balance in life and regain my energy! I don't stay out to late, drink way to many margaritas, over eat, or make excuses any more. And I owe that all to running. Its funny that the excuses I use to use, was I hate running and now I have found more dedication and peace in running BECAUSE I stopped the excuses!!

Scott and I are headed to Vail, CO Thursday for his sisters wedding (and we are SOOOOO delighted and can't wait to share in her and her new husbands happiness). I'm planning on getting a few runs in and maybe some hiking too (I hope the altitude doesn't mess with me while running- but we'll see). On Monday we're headed to KC and we are equally excited for that visit!!!!! I will keep my running going strong in KC (As I'm sure I will be eating ALL my favorite treats while in KC and will need to burn those extra calories off). Thats one of the things I love about can do it ANYWHERE. The only thing you need is you! Have a perfect Tuesday evening.....I'm cooking dinner and going to pack!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hudson- River Run!

So last Saturday, it was finally cool enough for me to hit the Hudson River track in Irvington, NY---It was breathtaking and so peaceful. I really didn't know what to expect but the track has baseball fields, fresh flowers, clean bathrooms, park benches and not to mention the River and the Palisades (which is a line of steep cliffs along the west side of the lower Hudson but on the NJ side). I ran 3.2 miles and felt on top of the world. It was extremely windy but so nice to take in the view and enjoy the beautiful non-heated day. Sorry for the sweaty picture but I stopped to capture the view and show you that I was workin up a sweat while running! The bridge in the second picture is called the Tappen Z Bridge (one of my fave). Sunday was a rest day- Due to the out door run, I was pretty sore on Sunday. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all running days at the gym- 3.1 miles each days- And Monday & Tuesday involved lifting also. Tomorrow will also be a gym running day, Friday will be rest day. I will be working a the NY Gift show and staying in the City Friday- Thursday so I will be a City runner during that time---I'm really looking forward to that. I will hit the Avenues and Central Park for sure!! I find that I actually miss running on my rest days....which I NEVER thought I would says that. I'm feeling amazing and very focused- I've lost weight and can feel my body really changing.....I have a CRAZY appetite but have really been focusing on fruits and veggies (keeping them clean and at arms reach) and that has been extremely helpful! Have a terrific evening!!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What a Week!

Sorry for the delay in Blogging....its been a VERY exciting week- On Monday I run 3.2 miles straight.......What an outstanding feeling!!!! I'm not sure if I was coming off the weekend adrenaline or what but I'm not gonna fight this achievement! As most of you know Scott proposed to me on Saturday...... And we are sooooo thrilled, blessed and looking forward to our future together (this was the adrenaline I was referring too :0). Tuesday I hit the gym in the morning to find a PACKED gym with no treadmills available, so I jumped on the spinning bike and powered out a 50 minute ride with a lot of jumps and by the end I was sweaty and feeling outstanding! Wednesday I had NO ENERGY........nada!! So I could only run, 1 slow mile but walked for an additional 2 miles. Today, Thursday was my rest day. Tomorrow (SOOOO EXCITED its FRIDAY!!) another AM workout, which I'm planning to run the 3.2 miles.

With a little over 7 weeks til the 5K, I couldn't be happier with how far I've come. I would really appreciate if the heat and humidity would let up so I could run outside (doesn't look promising--maybe in Sept....). I would like to start working on my stamina and condition my muscles for outside running on a regular bases. But until the weather is cooler than 90, I'm hitting the air conditioned gym. On a side note: I can't wait for Eat, Pray, Love to come out Aug 13....If you haven't read this book to the book store NOW!!!!!!!!! Have a terrific night

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sore doesn't even start to describe how I feel since I made the transition outside. I was never truly sore when I first started running on the treadmill BUT, WOW- I'm crazy sore now. My first run outside was in RI (I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful place to run-right on the inlet to the ocean)I run for 2.5 miles in the wind. I started out strong and remembered to keep my pace steady but I found myself cramping in my thighs around 1.5 miles, so I stopped and stretched for 1 minute and kicked it into high speed and ran back home. On Monday, I hit the park by our house in NY (the weather was great....90 but no humidity) I ran 2 miles and tried to run through the pain/soreness in my hip area (hip bones/muscle in front and back- KILL). On Tuesday, it was HOT...... So I hit the gym only to find a "Gym Party" of my friends. It was great to see their smiling faces and catch them up on my progress (It really feels great to have some many friends & family supporting me and taking interest in my journey.....THANK YOU SO MUCH). Its this support that got my butt to the gym on Wednesday. I was so tired after a long, full day of work and I really wanted to give into the soreness my body was feeling but I knew I needed to go and once I completed the workout, the satisfaction I felt was the boast of energy I needed!! After, finishing 2 miles I was so excited and proud that I got myself there. Today Thursday morning....I'm resting.....My body is screaming for a day to recover. I might hit the gym for a light walk but no running today....

My overall experience of running outside is AWESOME!!! Time seems to speed by and I loved having things to look at and use landmarks to sprint too and keep me focused. Running outside is very intimate--its just me, my Iphone and nature....its great!!! For the first time I could really hear myself breath. In the gym, there is so many other noises not to mention, I have my music on. But outside, you can focus on the breathing pattern and hear when you get off beat. There is this trail that I'm dying to try right on the Hudson River- That's my goal and adventure this weekend, to get there. Everyone have a happy Thursday...It's almost Friday--Thanks again for reading.....Sign in and become a follower of my blog!!! Thanks :0)

Friday, July 23, 2010


I ran 2.1 miles today.....STRAIGHT!!!! Not one break for walking or water. A huge personal victory and I couldn't be more proud. The T.V. on my treadmill was broke today so I had to rely on my Iphone music. I just kept focusing on the miles instead of the time for once, and before I knew it----2 miles had been accomplished and I had the strongest feelings of elation!!!!!!!! Even more so, because this week has been challenging with my energy levels. Monday= strong run, Tuesday= hardly any energy but managed to walk/run, Wednesday= no running, just walking due to no energy and a stomach ache (Wednesday is suppose to be rest day, but since Tuesday wasn't a great workout, I wanted to push myself) Thursday= strong run with the 12minute running intervals with 1 minute walking and FRIDAY= 2miles running!!!

What a way to start the weekend! Scott and I are headed to Rhode Island and I will be attempting my first run outside. I'm a little nervous and excited! A lot of my running friends & a few running articles, say that taking the run outside is a completely different type of stamina and really stress not getting frustrated with the early fatigue because you are using different muscles and there is more impact on your joints running outside......I will keep you posted on my outside running adventure!I have to make the transition outside at some point (Since the 5K is outside-after all!!!) Have an amazing weekend and take care-

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Breathe......

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It's sounds like such an easy thing to do.....And no one ever taught us how to, its just human instinct to do it. But, I really have to focus on breathing correctly and consistently while running. On Friday I hit the gym before meeting some friends for drinks. The run was great but I noticed that on the second interval, my breathing pattern was way off. I had to regroup and focus on long deep breaths in and long exhalations out. After, about 10 seconds of this focus I was able to get the pattern back and finish the run strong.

On Saturday, I hit my favorite class, step! We had a sub and this instructor is "NO" joke. She did a combination of step intervals and cardio kick boxing and my legs were extremely sore--but man, it was an amazing workout. After finishing the class I jumped on the spinning bike for 15 minutes to burn a few extra calories.

On Sunday before my head was even off the pillow, all I could feel was the pain in my legs from Step class the day before. I didn't let the soreness keep me from running and I hit the treadmill for 4 miles. Again, I found myself really needing to focus on the breathing. After reflecting, its so easy to forget to breathe.....but you must keep a nice steady pace of breathing and you do need to be claim while running. The body does and can go into a little panic if your not breathing properly. Another lesson that parallels with must keep a balanced and healthy pattern to keep claim and focus on the important stuff and through out the ruff patches and down must BREATHE!!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 1 of Week 3!!!!!!

I did it!!!!!!! Yup I successful ran for 11 minutes and 1 minute of walking in between for 3.8 miles. I truly felt the progression of this journey today. As I finished the first running interval; I just couldn't believe that in 3 short weeks I'm so close to running multiple miles.....I didn't think it would happen this fast and I'm thrilled to be accomplishing something that I detested for so long. I'm continuing to jump on the spinning bike for at least 15 minutes after each running session. I also feel that giving myself a rest day before I add more running time, is helping (So to catch you up-Tuesday I ran in the morning & Wednesday was my rest day).
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Today, while cooling down, I got to thinking.....Where did my hatred for running start?? Why does it feel so impossible and such a daunting task....And why do some many people HATE running.....The word alone makes people cringe??? I came to the conclusion that from a very early age, it become very clear that I "WASN'T" good at it! I "DIDN'T" win races on the playground, in P.E. I "COULDN'T" run the fastest mile and was always finishing "last" when it came to running. After, discovering that I wasn't good at, I never really committed to learning the art of mastering it. Of course, I played sports and would do it out of necessity but never giving it the time, respect and determination to truly control or have ownership over "my" ability to run. Maybe its the many years of this protest and hatred or my willingness and openness to learn how to run now- and it is so rewarding to be reconnecting and rebuilding my relationship with running.....Now, I'm replacing the negative words to positive words and maybe most importantly--I'm going to finish (whether first or last, I will cross that finish line)! It's time to make dinner and enjoy the evening- Happy Friday!!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

SOOOOO let me catch you on my last few workouts:

Friday: Morning workout was terrific!! I enjoy working out in the morning...its the getting up part that I hate!! But once I get myself there, I have so much energy and it feels good to carry that energy all day!!

Saturday: Scott and I had a gym date. My body was present but my energy was not! I felt tired and had a hard time gettin the motor running (LOL). I had to give myself a strong pep talk but I was able to finally get it going in the second 8 minute interval. Since I was feeling tired, I made the decision to kick the speed up for 2 minutes and it helped. I guess I needed to jumpstart my heart!!!

Sunday: Well, I started the morning sleeping in.....which was much needed & very unexpected. I didn't get up until 10:30....I haven't seen that time since college days--LOL!! At the gym I found myself putting the Iphone aside and run while watching tv. It was a nice change of pace for a Sunday workout.

TODAY: I totally had a case of the "Mondays". I made every excuse in the book NOT to go to the gym today.....but guess what----I went and kicked my butt!! I ran/walked for 4.5 miles and got on the spinning bike for an additional 20 minutes. I was soaked and it felt so good not to let the negative voice win! I believe the hardest thing about week 2 (and just life in general) is putting a lid on that voice. If you start feeding that voice it can become so destructive and damaging to your life. And I'm proud of myself for shutting it up today....I won!! I just made dinner and its time to relax & kick these running feet up! Take care :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 minutes of running!!!

Yesterday was my first rest day in my first week of running. I hit the treadmill today with so much energy and heard correctly.......I was actually looking forward to running!! And I couldn't believe the progress I had made in a week. Today I ran 8 minutes in a row with 2 minute walking breaks for 4 miles. I really couldn't believe it.......And I feel great!!! I'm planning on holding this pace for the next week. I was just running along and I glanced at the clock and couldn't believe I had been running for 6 minutes......My face lite up and I felt like screaming "look at me.....I'm running and not passing out".....I settled for a huge smile and a motivation cheering session. It truly feels outstanding to be pushing towards a healthy goal and I find myself looking forward to that time at the gym. It's "me" time. I don't think about anything else but running- its so weird. When I do step, zumba or spin, my mind is thinking about a million different things. But with running, I'm extremely focused and determined to finish strong. Last week I decided that when the distance on the treadmill is ready to change to 3 miles- I must be running as it changes.....I know it seems crazy but I'm focused on finishing that 3 miles running!

Tomorrow I will be running in the morning and I'm so happy its finally Friday!!!!!!!! After returning home- Scott and I decided to have a celebration "Summer Ale" beer and Louie went crazy over our Koozie- Check out the pictures. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holy Hotness!!!

That's all I can say!!!! Today its 105 degrees without the heat index.....And I work outside.....So needless to say I've been a walking "hot mess" all day but I survived!!!!! With plenty of water and sneaking in any place with air condition, I made it and had energy for the gym!(Anyone that has seen me when I get HOT knows its not pretty so I celebrate the small not killing anyone today & being as pleasant as possible when I can feel the sweat dripping down my back----SICK but its sooooooo true!!!!!) I would have layed on this ice in the middle of Time Square today, if I could have...but how cute is this puppy?!?! I was a little worried about what my energy levels would look like- I thought maybe the heat left nothing but I got on that treadmill and cranked out 3.5 miles. I have found my body is adjusting and I seem to be able to run longer in between the walking, which is extremely empowering & satisfying (considering I'm still on week 1). I've been surprised that my body isn't as sore as I thought it would be & my ankle isn't bothering me either(as long as I wear my brace). I was worried that yoga aggravated it yesterday but it feels great! A friend was nice enough to give me some new songs for my Iphone & I just love running to that beat!!!!!! I'm learning that with running its all about the little victories and embracing them and celebrating each one....for what they are....That goes for life as well! Have a wonderful evening.....Stay cool!!

Wing it workout!!!

Well, I headed to the gym on Monday morning July 5th and to my surprise the gym was PACKED!! I guess everyone had that day off also!! Not a machine to be had......anywhere. Sooooooo I wondered into a Yoga class. But with me nursing the sprain ankle it made it difficult to do over half the moves. So after class I just wasn't happy with the workout and hopped on the only open machine....the spinning bike. I pumped out a good 20 minute joy ride and felt more satisfaction with the time at the gym. Scott also joined the Monday gym fun and then we headed to the pool (to cool off). It's been CRAZY hot here the last few days. I can't imagine running outside on these 100+ degree days......Maybe one day I can......but not today!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July & Day 3

Happy 4th everyone!!!! Today I started off with a nice puppy park walk and then headed to the gym. I ran/walked for 2 miles, lifted weights and biked for an additional mile. It was HOT today.....even in the gym--but I finished strong. I also had a gym partner today (Scott came & it was so nice to have him "sweatin it up" next to me!!) It was great just to feel his support and it seemed to push me more and I seemed to tact on a few extra minutes of running time in between the walking, which felt great! We are headed to the Hudson River for dinner and fireworks. There is just something so amazingly beautiful about fireworks to me.....There just American and I'm SOOOO PROUD to be American!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 2!!

Day 2 is complete!!! I headed to the gym this morning and took a step class (which is my Fave class of all- 1 hour) and then got on the treadmill and ran/walked 2 miles. I have found music is key to keep my eyes off the clock and my energy up. I will be downloading some high engery songs ASAP!! My energy is still high and my body doesn't hurt too bad. I'm still nursing a sprained ankle (from last Saturday) but it hasn't held me back at all. I have been wearing a brace and it provides a lot of support! Now headed to the pool to kick off this awesome weekend!!!! Take care!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Today is The Day!!

Well, I've NEVER considered myself a runner.........NEVER!! I have always enjoyed working out through dance, step classes, spinning, zumba....anything but running. Last summer, with the help of a bottle of wine and a dear friend, I developed my "bucket List". Yesterday, I took the step to mark off #3---Completing a 5K. I have signed up, developed a running plan and completed Day 1. The 5K is on Sept. 26th (check out Tunnel to Towers run- to read the whole story). The story of this firefighters dedication & devotion to risk his life, not only as his profession but on Sept. 11, is one that brings tears to your eyes & a very worthy cause to start running!!

My running plan is a combination of walking for 4 minutes and running for 3 minutes alternating back and forth, for 1 week (yesterday I did this rotation for 5 miles). Every week after, I will add more minutes to running and less minutes to walking until I can consistently run the total 3.1 miles+. With day 1 out of the way, I must say it wasn't too bad. I found that I really need to develop an awesome Itunes play list. So to all my running friends, if you have any runners play list please send my way!!! I welcome any advise and words of encouragement also!! I'm really looking forward to this journey & self discovery to becoming a true runner. My hope is to make this a life long habit and change my mindset about running......So here goes nothing...Have a safe 4th of July weekend and thanks for coming along on this journey!!!!