Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sore doesn't even start to describe how I feel since I made the transition outside. I was never truly sore when I first started running on the treadmill BUT, WOW- I'm crazy sore now. My first run outside was in RI (I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful place to run-right on the inlet to the ocean)I run for 2.5 miles in the wind. I started out strong and remembered to keep my pace steady but I found myself cramping in my thighs around 1.5 miles, so I stopped and stretched for 1 minute and kicked it into high speed and ran back home. On Monday, I hit the park by our house in NY (the weather was great....90 but no humidity) I ran 2 miles and tried to run through the pain/soreness in my hip area (hip bones/muscle in front and back- KILL). On Tuesday, it was HOT...... So I hit the gym only to find a "Gym Party" of my friends. It was great to see their smiling faces and catch them up on my progress (It really feels great to have some many friends & family supporting me and taking interest in my journey.....THANK YOU SO MUCH). Its this support that got my butt to the gym on Wednesday. I was so tired after a long, full day of work and I really wanted to give into the soreness my body was feeling but I knew I needed to go and once I completed the workout, the satisfaction I felt was the boast of energy I needed!! After, finishing 2 miles I was so excited and proud that I got myself there. Today Thursday morning....I'm resting.....My body is screaming for a day to recover. I might hit the gym for a light walk but no running today....

My overall experience of running outside is AWESOME!!! Time seems to speed by and I loved having things to look at and use landmarks to sprint too and keep me focused. Running outside is very intimate--its just me, my Iphone and nature....its great!!! For the first time I could really hear myself breath. In the gym, there is so many other noises not to mention, I have my music on. But outside, you can focus on the breathing pattern and hear when you get off beat. There is this trail that I'm dying to try right on the Hudson River- That's my goal and adventure this weekend, to get there. Everyone have a happy Thursday...It's almost Friday--Thanks again for reading.....Sign in and become a follower of my blog!!! Thanks :0)

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  1. How do I sign up for this blog thang???? You are doing great Anna!!!!!! Keep it up!!