Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WOW- its been awhile!!

Hello there and so sorry for being MIA! I have been busy!!! While I was in the city for work- I only had time for 1 amazing run up Central Park West last Saturday- There was a bike race going on in Central Park and I got to watch the whole thing while getting my 35 minute run in. The rest of my time in the city was consumed by working 11- 10 hour days, Chocolate Chip cookies (that I relayed on for energy---but WOW there is something about a deelish cookie that gets me every time!!) and resting my feet in the evening. I had a terrific time but wish I had more energy for running. But I came back to Westchester on Thursday and went straight to the gym for a much needed run (ran Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday-----All 3+ miles straight). I'm feeling terrific and soooooo on top of my running and goal of completing my first 5K........Can you believe its soooooooooo close!!!! It seems so hard to believe that I have come so far and truly feel like a runner. I have noticed over the length of my training, that running has really helped me find the balance in life and regain my energy! I don't stay out to late, drink way to many margaritas, over eat, or make excuses any more. And I owe that all to running. Its funny that the excuses I use to use, was I hate running and now I have found more dedication and peace in running BECAUSE I stopped the excuses!!

Scott and I are headed to Vail, CO Thursday for his sisters wedding (and we are SOOOOO delighted and can't wait to share in her and her new husbands happiness). I'm planning on getting a few runs in and maybe some hiking too (I hope the altitude doesn't mess with me while running- but we'll see). On Monday we're headed to KC and we are equally excited for that visit!!!!! I will keep my running going strong in KC (As I'm sure I will be eating ALL my favorite treats while in KC and will need to burn those extra calories off). Thats one of the things I love about running......you can do it ANYWHERE. The only thing you need is you! Have a perfect Tuesday evening.....I'm cooking dinner and going to pack!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hudson- River Run!

So last Saturday, it was finally cool enough for me to hit the Hudson River track in Irvington, NY---It was breathtaking and so peaceful. I really didn't know what to expect but the track has baseball fields, fresh flowers, clean bathrooms, park benches and not to mention the River and the Palisades (which is a line of steep cliffs along the west side of the lower Hudson but on the NJ side). I ran 3.2 miles and felt on top of the world. It was extremely windy but so nice to take in the view and enjoy the beautiful non-heated day. Sorry for the sweaty picture but I stopped to capture the view and show you that I was workin up a sweat while running! The bridge in the second picture is called the Tappen Z Bridge (one of my fave). Sunday was a rest day- Due to the out door run, I was pretty sore on Sunday. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all running days at the gym- 3.1 miles each days- And Monday & Tuesday involved lifting also. Tomorrow will also be a gym running day, Friday will be rest day. I will be working a the NY Gift show and staying in the City Friday- Thursday so I will be a City runner during that time---I'm really looking forward to that. I will hit the Avenues and Central Park for sure!! I find that I actually miss running on my rest days....which I NEVER thought I would says that. I'm feeling amazing and very focused- I've lost weight and can feel my body really changing.....I have a CRAZY appetite but have really been focusing on fruits and veggies (keeping them clean and at arms reach) and that has been extremely helpful! Have a terrific evening!!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What a Week!

Sorry for the delay in Blogging....its been a VERY exciting week- On Monday I run 3.2 miles straight.......What an outstanding feeling!!!! I'm not sure if I was coming off the weekend adrenaline or what but I'm not gonna fight this achievement! As most of you know Scott proposed to me on Saturday...... And we are sooooo thrilled, blessed and looking forward to our future together (this was the adrenaline I was referring too :0). Tuesday I hit the gym in the morning to find a PACKED gym with no treadmills available, so I jumped on the spinning bike and powered out a 50 minute ride with a lot of jumps and by the end I was sweaty and feeling outstanding! Wednesday I had NO ENERGY........nada!! So I could only run, 1 slow mile but walked for an additional 2 miles. Today, Thursday was my rest day. Tomorrow (SOOOO EXCITED its FRIDAY!!) another AM workout, which I'm planning to run the 3.2 miles.

With a little over 7 weeks til the 5K, I couldn't be happier with how far I've come. I would really appreciate if the heat and humidity would let up so I could run outside (doesn't look promising--maybe in Sept....). I would like to start working on my stamina and condition my muscles for outside running on a regular bases. But until the weather is cooler than 90, I'm hitting the air conditioned gym. On a side note: I can't wait for Eat, Pray, Love to come out Aug 13....If you haven't read this book yet.....run to the book store NOW!!!!!!!!! Have a terrific night