Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WOW- its been awhile!!

Hello there and so sorry for being MIA! I have been busy!!! While I was in the city for work- I only had time for 1 amazing run up Central Park West last Saturday- There was a bike race going on in Central Park and I got to watch the whole thing while getting my 35 minute run in. The rest of my time in the city was consumed by working 11- 10 hour days, Chocolate Chip cookies (that I relayed on for energy---but WOW there is something about a deelish cookie that gets me every time!!) and resting my feet in the evening. I had a terrific time but wish I had more energy for running. But I came back to Westchester on Thursday and went straight to the gym for a much needed run (ran Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday-----All 3+ miles straight). I'm feeling terrific and soooooo on top of my running and goal of completing my first 5K........Can you believe its soooooooooo close!!!! It seems so hard to believe that I have come so far and truly feel like a runner. I have noticed over the length of my training, that running has really helped me find the balance in life and regain my energy! I don't stay out to late, drink way to many margaritas, over eat, or make excuses any more. And I owe that all to running. Its funny that the excuses I use to use, was I hate running and now I have found more dedication and peace in running BECAUSE I stopped the excuses!!

Scott and I are headed to Vail, CO Thursday for his sisters wedding (and we are SOOOOO delighted and can't wait to share in her and her new husbands happiness). I'm planning on getting a few runs in and maybe some hiking too (I hope the altitude doesn't mess with me while running- but we'll see). On Monday we're headed to KC and we are equally excited for that visit!!!!! I will keep my running going strong in KC (As I'm sure I will be eating ALL my favorite treats while in KC and will need to burn those extra calories off). Thats one of the things I love about running......you can do it ANYWHERE. The only thing you need is you! Have a perfect Tuesday evening.....I'm cooking dinner and going to pack!!

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  1. I can't wait to see you! I'm so excited and I just can't hide it- reminds me of the Saved By The Bell where Jessie OD- too funny..anyways, see you on Tuesday- hope you have a great time at the wedding! Love you