Sunday, September 12, 2010

WOW....It's been awhile----again!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe that my run is 2 weeks away.....Well, I cannot!!! The more I think about it, the more nervous I get. I guess its like anything new.......But I just don't know what to expect! I'm still running more than ever and still madly in love with it. I promise to take tons of pictures at the finish line and if everything goes well at the 5K, I'm going to sign up for another 5k in October and then a 10K in Nov---But let's not get to far ahead- My focus is on Sept 26.

While I was in Vail, CO I managed to workout and even run 2 days. I see why Olympians train in high altitudes climates....It's CRAZY the difference between my energy levels and endurance there. My legs felt like jello and I was out of breathe in NO TIME...So the first day I could only run a mile and then I walked an additional 2. The next day, I was able to run about 2 miles and then walked an additional 3. The atmosphere was breath taking and I just loved how active everyone was in Co- There where tons of people and families biking, hiking, running-- Everywhere you looked people were out and about- I loved our time in Vail- It was a great vacation. Then we headed to KC----Which was equally as great!!!! Family, Friends and Food----what else could you ask for----Oh running....I did workout 3 times while I was there just 2 miles here and there- But the food and family time were my focus.

Coming back from vacation is always hard- but I was able to keep on a strict schedule of running and diet last week---And trust me, I needed it after vacation!! But things are going great and I'm just focused on the next 2 weeks of strong running to prepare for the run!! Hope everyone is doing GREAT- love ya!!!

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