Saturday, September 25, 2010

One day until the run!!

WOW, all my hard work is gonna pay off tomorrow morning at 9:30 am- I can't believe it!!! I feel like I have been so focused on this day & it came so fast! I feel ready and very prepared. I felt I was starting to freak myself out about finishing the run, until last weekend while visiting Scott's parents in Rhode Island I ran over 3.1 miles like it was nothing......I just kept going and going until I was over 4 miles.....!! It was a huge confidence builder and I was extremely proud of myself. This week I ran 3 times (Mon, Wed, Fri- all 2 miles each & 15 minutes on the bike each day) and hit the gym this morning for a light walk of 2 miles. After returning home, I received a HUGE flower bouquet from my parents. It was extremely thoughtful and sooooo unexpected!!! And it wasn't until I read the message "Congratulations on succeeding with one of your dreams" that I realized two things. 1) My parents have ALWAYS supported me in my dreams, whatever they have been (like opening up my ice cream shop-LOL) but no matter how small or big, silly or unattainable....they have always continued to show their support and love and I'm soooo grateful for that. Its through their support that I've learned some of the most valuable lessons of my life and has shaped my go getter attitude & passion for life. 2) That to have dreams and attaining them is rewarding to the soul and should be something every person strives for yearly- at least!! Running has taught me that hard work and dedication bleed into all areas of your life, when you allow it too. Its this openness that has lead me to change my mind set about the unattainable(or what I think is unattainable), understanding that I can push myself to the limits and understanding the importance of finishing something I've started.

I've learned all of those things and so much more in 3 short months and from something as simple as running. Running is definitely something that I will keep up! I'm committed to this and my next step is a 10K in NOV. I'm also committed to the energy, weight loss, confidence and inner strenght that I've found!! The other crazy thing is, I held this key that unlocked ALL those things/feelings for 27 years..... It was "me" that had to decided how to unlock it!!! I'm so blessed that I figured it out!!!! It only took me 27 years....but thats a whole other lession (Like NEVER stop learning and growing)!!!!!

HERE GOES NOTHING>>>>>>>I'll update after the run! Have a great weekend and thanks for all the support!!!!!!!!!!

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