Monday, July 12, 2010

SOOOOO let me catch you on my last few workouts:

Friday: Morning workout was terrific!! I enjoy working out in the morning...its the getting up part that I hate!! But once I get myself there, I have so much energy and it feels good to carry that energy all day!!

Saturday: Scott and I had a gym date. My body was present but my energy was not! I felt tired and had a hard time gettin the motor running (LOL). I had to give myself a strong pep talk but I was able to finally get it going in the second 8 minute interval. Since I was feeling tired, I made the decision to kick the speed up for 2 minutes and it helped. I guess I needed to jumpstart my heart!!!

Sunday: Well, I started the morning sleeping in.....which was much needed & very unexpected. I didn't get up until 10:30....I haven't seen that time since college days--LOL!! At the gym I found myself putting the Iphone aside and run while watching tv. It was a nice change of pace for a Sunday workout.

TODAY: I totally had a case of the "Mondays". I made every excuse in the book NOT to go to the gym today.....but guess what----I went and kicked my butt!! I ran/walked for 4.5 miles and got on the spinning bike for an additional 20 minutes. I was soaked and it felt so good not to let the negative voice win! I believe the hardest thing about week 2 (and just life in general) is putting a lid on that voice. If you start feeding that voice it can become so destructive and damaging to your life. And I'm proud of myself for shutting it up today....I won!! I just made dinner and its time to relax & kick these running feet up! Take care :)

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  1. My sweet Anna- so proud of are kicking butt! I am jealous of your will power to put the lid on it...gosh when I was into my running mode that lid fell off so many times...oh well- now getting more energy and getting back into walking at night- got to make sure that these twins don't make me a wide load! Proud of you baby! Love you and miss you oh so much!!!